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  • Newsletter december 2014

    Children After a good month vacation in August a new school year has started in September in Cambodia. In elementary school and high school, most children have moved to the next class. The number of students in college is again increased by 3, so...
  • Newsletter juni 2015

    ChildrenThe children are generally very well and with the Khmer New Year in April, again received a new outfit. Last month, they have also received 22 well-functioning, used laptops donated by Hotel The Pavilion in Phnom Penh. Exchange RateVirtua...
  • Newsletter june 2016

    ChildrenIn February two of the girls attended a workshop Agri-tourism. at the invitation of the Ministry of Tourism.On 1 May Theourn Theary got married which lead to a big party at Samrong. She is one of the children who lived and grew up at Samrong...
  • Newsletter december 2016

    Children In the past six months, much has changed in the composition of the children. The older children, most of whom were university students, left almost all because they had graduated and already had a (part-time) job. They chose to live on t...
  • Newsletter juni 2014

    Visitors from The Netherlands In May WWCF Chairman Peter Maat with friends Gerbert Paanstra and Jan van Keulen visited Samrong. It was great to enjoy the hospitality and atmosphere of Samrong. Various administrative matters were discussed again an...
  • Newsletter december 2013

    ChildrenSince July, 7 new children arrived at Samrong. In total there are now 67. And in September of this school year, six children moved on to university so there are 16 students. Also four children started a cooking course. Greenhouse, gard...
  • Newsletter June 2013

    ChildrenThe children’s health is generally very good with the exception of some minor cases of influenza and respiratory and intestinal infections.Two of the older girls left Samrong to take care of their seriously ill mother.  One of the g...
  • Newsletter december 2011

    ChildrenWe are very happy to say that all of the children are developing very well. They are a real family and have notably few quarrels. In addition their school results are satisfactory and the students are making good progress. The older childr...
  • Newsletter december 2010

    Ceremony Samrong In 2010 three major wishes of the childrens' farm have been realized which will assist them further on their way to independency. A large greenhouse came into use with the aid from our main sponsor Rijk Zwaan and the Dutch embassy ...
  • Newsletter June 2011

    Lightning Strikes SamrongThe wet season in Cambodia started this year with the usual rain and, Samrong in particular, encountered a lot of thunder and lightning storms. During one of these thundery showers, lightning struck the solar panels on the...
  • Newsletter december 2012

    The ChildrenWe would like to thank you for the wide support we have received, including the support from former volunteers from England, Switzerland, America and Australia. This has enabled no less than 11 proud students to continue their educatio...
  • Newsletter june 2012

    Children All of the children received new clothes in celebration of the Khmer New Year. They are studying hard and frequently use the computers for their work. They also enjoy using Facebook in their free time. This activity takes place in the...
  • Newsletter june 2010

    A new outfit.. On the occasion of Khmer New Year the children at Samrong receive new cloths. They all very much look forward to it and they are subsequently very happy and excited and thus a new group picture! A new road (2)  Further...
  • Newsletter dec. 2009

    A new road Until recently the area between the accommodation block and the kitchen was unpaved. In the rainy season this was really very muddy. The hard soil cannot absorb the torrential rain showers. Thanks to a starting donation from a volunte...

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