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Newsletter december 2012

The Children
We would like to thank you for the wide support we have received, including the support from former volunteers from England, Switzerland, America and Australia. This has enabled no less than 11 proud students to continue their education at college, with their costs covered for the next four years.  
Samrong also gratefully received five motorcycles, which will be used for transportation to and from Phnom Penh.
Meanwhile, Samrong has adopted a few younger children and we hope, like their older peers, that they will have an equally successful future ahead of them.


Sponsors and Donors
We are pleased to announce that we have two new main company sponsors. They are Vogelaar Oil & Petrol / Gas station from Rhoon and Aannemersbedrijf Damsteegt B.V. from Meerkerk. They will be important sponsors for WWCF for the next three years. Our existing and loyal main sponsors Rijk Zwaan from De Lier and Bles / de Penning GPs Rhoon have also renewed their contracts for 2013 for a further three years. Mark van Schaick Marine Services BV Schiedam and his company have also become donors.
Kruidenier Food Services has sponsored WWCF for three years but sadly will be unable to continue this support from 2013. We are very grateful for everything they have done for us.
We want to thank all our existing and new sponsors and donors for the support they have given WWCF and the confidence they have placed in Samrong.

Mr. Meng, the staff member appointed in December 2011 to manage the vegetable garden and greenhouse, moved to alternative employment in July 2012. The role has been recently filled by Mr. Rathana (photo below left). The materials for the roof repair have now arrived in Cambodia and the repair will commence as soon as possible.

image016 image014

The project has much livestock, cows, chickens, dogs, geckos, geese, fish, puppies, crickets … you name it! Thon and Kongkea find it all interesting!
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Rudi & Catherine Young
Rudi & Catherine Young, two former volunteers at Samrong, raised money for Samrong by holding a "baby" contest at their work and with family and friends. The challenge was to guess the gender, birth weight and birth date of their unborn child. The proceeds of the contest would help with financing the costs of higher education for the students at Samrong.

Their daughter, Maya, was born on November 8th, weighing 7lb 11oz. The winners of the contest were Nia Chhantyal a member at Explore Learning Maths and English Tuition Centre, Jess Haywood from Npower Renewables and Nigel Young, a family member. A big thank you to Nia, Jess and Nigel for their contribution of £150.

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Arie Koomans
In 2005, Arie & Cocky Koomans visited Samrong and spent a good time there. Cocky worked in the "Eigen-Wijs" nursery in Rotterdam. Sadly, a few years after her visit, Cocky passed away but the nursery has not forgotten her. When they recently celebrated their anniversary, they donated the proceeds of 200 Euros to Samrong! Arie has given us the gift. Thank you Arie!

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Connection to the mains
image026The highly anticipated connection to the grid has finally been completed. It took a lot of digging to get the cable from the gate to the staff house but, with help from everyone, we succeeded. However, we will still use solar energy primarily but now have "a paid stream" as back up.








Website & Facebook
The children are now actively using Facebook. You can see regular updates and news on our Samrong Children's Farm facebook page. You can also chat with the kids thanks to the wireless internet. The website www.wwcf.nl  is well maintained. You can still read previous newsletters in the archive section.


image024Anna Knox
In the months of October and November, Anna Knox from Australia provided English lessons for the children. However, there is always time for finger painting .... Anna is now back home but we thank her very much for her contribution. Meanwhile, Rosalyn Smith from England has arrived. She will stay at Samrong until May 2013. This is a long time and will give peace to the children. It also allows a volunteer to contribute and make a difference. Welcome!







 On behalf of WWCF, we thank all of our sponsors and donors for your support!

Support from the Netherlands:
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The English version of the Annual Report 2016 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
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Please enjoy reading this document which highlights all major activities of CCSF and WWCF throughout the year. And there are lots of pictures also!

The financials are also included.