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Newsletter June 2011

Lightning Strikes Samrong
The wet season in Cambodia started this year with the usual rain and, Samrong in particular, encountered a lot of thunder and lightning storms. During one of these thundery showers, lightning struck the solar panels on the new staff house leaving us suddenly in the dark: it had blown the inverter/charger. Also, the router for the internet network and four pc's could not withstand such an unexpected surge in power....... Since then, the damage has been repaired, power restored and we are back on-line but it is a serious setback of approx $2.500. We are investigating how to avoid this happening to us again.

Chickens, wandering free...
The empty pig stables and adjacent land have been converted – in a simple way – to become a large home for the 100's of chickens that we are now raising. Eventually we want to sell them at the local market and use the eggs for the children's meals. The initial results are satisfactory but we do suffer from rats, which are endangering the baby chickens. The smallest chicks live in large covered cages but whenever possible, the entire family roams around outside!


Low tide
At the start of the rainy season the water level in the former fishpond is relatively low. We stopped the fish farm a while ago but the water supply is of great use when it comes to irrigating the neighboring rice field.

Sanitary facilities improved
The boys and girls each have their own sanitary facilities at the back of the project. For the girls, this used to be no more than a simple partition behind which they washed and changed their clothes. Since 'our' girls love a bit more privacy, we have built a new washroom and toilets next to the solar pump. It is a big improvement welcomed by all (especially the girls!).

Rice Fields
Samrong has been given permission to use three pieces of nearby land for growing rice, which allows us to save on buying rice. After a lot of consideration and careful investigation, it was decided to purchase a 2nd hand tractor to assist with ploughing and transportation of the harvest. Subsequently, a Korean donor made $1.000 available to buy us a trailer. The next harvest is due in August and we hope to make good use of the newly acquired equipment.


WWCF's chairman, Peter Maat, visited Samrong again in early June to discuss the day-to-day business with the local staff and volunteers. He also met with our Cambodian accountants who assist Dr Vyrak with the financial reporting.

Some of our volunteers have created a Samrong page on the social networking website Facebook, which is being regularly updated with onsite news and photos. If you are a Facebook member, please search for 'samrong orphaned.' The following link also gives direct access to those without a Facebook account:

Sponsors and partners
WWCF appreciates the regular support from our long-term sponsors and partners but occasionally we also receive impressive gifts and donations from spontaneous initiatives. In January, our key sponsor Zoeteman celebrated their 25th anniversary and the party-proceeds were donated to WWCF. Upon return to their home countries, some volunteers have discovered novel methods of fundraising in support of WWCF (and thus Samrong): Jennifer O'Mahony from Ireland organized a fashion show in Dublin; Rolph Schmitz from Switzerland held a tombola and collected funds from Swiss churches; while Daan & Sofie from The Netherlands arranged a collection in their school in Schagen. The Dutch government organization, NCDO, paid the final installment of their donation after positively reviewing the report of the staff house building and installation of solar power.


Een nieuwe weg (2)

In het vervolg op onze nieuwsbrief van december 2009 hebben wij diverse giften ontvangen om de verharding van de weg binnen het hek af te maken én om ook de toegangsweg buiten de poort te verbeteren. Met name in de natte tijd was die vrijwel onbegaanbaar en zelfs de tuk tuk’s bleven hopeloos steken. Met ‘alle handen aan de schop en de kruiwagen’ is het nu grondig aangepakt. Ook de volunteers keken niet werkeloos toe!

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The English version of the Annual Report 2016 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
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