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Newsletter december 2013

Since July, 7 new children arrived at Samrong. In total there are now 67.

And in September of this school year, six children moved on to university so there are 16 students. Also four children started a cooking course.


Greenhouse, garden and rice fields
The new roof of the greenhouse is ready. Also in open air are vegetables grown and the children all help a little with it to support gardener Rathana. Our main sponsor Rijk Zwaan has been visiting again in November and found a remarkable improvement in the greenhouse after improving the soil with rice chaff, compost and duck manure.
In contrast, the rice harvest end of last year was disappointing due to insufficient rain. 


Sponsors en Donors
In 2013 we welcomed Mark van Schaick BV Marine Services as a new sponsor and are we very proud of this addition.

Samrong receives financial assistance from abroad to support the additional costs for the large university students group.

Last September, we received the sad news that Mr Wim Snijder of our sponsor Vitesse suddenly deceased. A great loss to his family and business. We are very grateful for the many years he has supported WWCF.

In October, some children were vaccinated against measles, among others.



Board visit
In July, a few WWCF Board members i.e. Simone, Hans, Sjef and Peter visited Samrong again. We discussed administrative matters and again enjoyed the liveliness of Samrong. Many things are running well, but some things can be improved still. The Board has rendered some advice.

Samrong is selected by many volunteers from various countries as the place they want to contribute to the support of young children in developing countries. The concept of children's learning farm and the enthusiasm of the children for every visitor is heartwarming. In this respect, Anne Smeulders from The Netherlands recently worked as a volunteer and obtained a significant donation from her friends: super!


New construction, repairs and new materials
A new simple guesthouse was built to offer more room to the ever growing number of volunteers. Toilets and showers were renovated and there was a repair carried out on the power inverter which was damaged by lightning in June. Also the refrigerator had to be repaired.



Website & Facebook
Facebook is being used a lot by the children. On our pages Samrong Children's Farm you can often see updates and news. You can also chat with the kids thanks to the wireless Internet. The website www.wwcf.nl is well kept. You can also retrieve the newsletters and reports from the archives.


image009Best wishes for 2014
We would like to thank all donors and sponsors of WWCF for their trust in our small organization during the past year.
Only thanks to your help can the children of Samrong continue to develop in 2014 to young adults with a real chance of an independent life.
In 2014 we will also keep you informed about the progress and development of the children’s' learning farm Samrong.

WWCF wishes you all a very nice 2014.




On behalf of WWCF, we thank all of our sponsors and donors for your support!


Vanaf juli zijn er bij Samrong 7 nieuwe kinderen bijgekomen; in totaal zijn het er nu 67.
Sinds september dit schooljaar zijn er weer 6 kinderen doorgestroomd naar de universiteit waardoor er nu 16 studenten zijn. Ook zijn 4 kinderen naar een vakschool voor een kookopleiding gegaan.

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The English version of the Annual Report 2016 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
Download the annual 2016 here 

Please enjoy reading this document which highlights all major activities of CCSF and WWCF throughout the year. And there are lots of pictures also!

The financials are also included.