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Newsletter June 2013

The children’s health is generally very good with the exception of some minor cases of influenza and respiratory and intestinal infections.
Two of the older girls left Samrong to take care of their seriously ill mother.  One of the girls will possibly continue her university studies.
In April, two young children from the farm village of Sen Sok came to Samrong.  Their parents were divorced and their mother left them in the care of their blind father who was unable to take care of them.  They roamed the streets begging and lived in the slums of the village.  The boy is 7 and the girl 10 years old and both were severely malnourished.  We wish them a very good future, along with the other children at Samrong.


All of the children happily celebrated the Khmer New Year in their new clothes.



Gerard Hulisz, from our sponsor Rijk Zwaan, visited Samrong in January, March and May of this year.  Work on renewing the greenhouse plastic roof was started in January.  This was a big job and, led by Gerard and Wim Damsteegt, all at Samrong actively participated in making it happen.  Gerard has visited Samrong several times recently to see the production of the greenhouse and to help improve the areas which have been less successful.  This has required working closely with the new gardener, Rathana, to improve the soil and fertilizing and to maintain clear planting schemes..

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Sponsors and Donors
We want to thank all our sponsors and donors for supporting WWCF and placing their confidence in the Children’s Farm Samrong.


Board visit
The founder and "conscience" of Samrong, Sjef Philipsen, visited Samrong from November 2012 through to January 2013, again spending a long time at the project and providing advice to the staff and the children. The boardmembers René Bloem and Peter visited Samrong in January for a joint meeting with the board of our Cambodian partner, CCSF, to discuss the strategy and policy for the future.


Unexpected visit from the Netherlands 
Coen Tetteroo and Toon Mouton from Rotterdam were on holiday in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia when they heard from a Dutch volunteer about Samrong.  Unexpectedly, they spent two weeks visiting: experiencing another side to Asia.  For the children it is always fun: two big brothers joining them!

See for yourself?
Do you want to learn more about the Children’s Farm Samrong or even see it with your own eyes?  You are welcome!  We can also help and give you tips when making travel arrangements.  It is an unforgettable experience!


Website & Facebook
Facebook is actively used by the children.  You can find regular updates and news on our own Facebook page Samrong Children's Farm.  You can also chat with the kids thanks to the wireless Internet at Samrong.  The website www.wwcf.nl is well maintained.  Finally, you can also read previous newsletters archived on our website.

9Rosalyn Smith is back home
After an intensive six-month stay Rosalyn has gone back home.  She built a close relationship with the children, was very active in teaching and also provided many other useful and fun activities for the kids.  For Rosalyn, it was a life changing experience.  We would like to thank her very much for her contribution! Benjamin Hiscoke took on the baton in early June and will spend the rest of this year at Samrong.  Given his background, he will focus mainly on the garden, greenhouse and maintenance chores.  More about him next time!


 On behalf of WWCF, we thank all of our sponsors and donors for your support!

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The English version of the Annual Report 2016 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
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